Sell Your Home

Selling Your Austin Area Home

Contrary to the popular belief that a realtor simply puts your house on the market, a sign in the front yard and sits back and waits for your house to sell, I actively go out and find buyers through my comprehensive marketing strategy.   Over 87% of buyers start their home search on the internet which is why I create a very aggressive and fully encompassing marketing plan in conjunction with my company Sky Realty.  Getting your property the most exposure and placement on all internet search engines and platforms such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing is essential to attracting buyers and ultimately getting your home SOLD!   I encourage you to compare my marketing plan to any other realtor or real estate company out there to see how I go above and beyond in my work to sell your home.  Please take a look at the Sky Realty marketing video to see the extensive exposure your home will get !

Home Selling Campaign:

  • Aggressive internet marketing campaign guaranteeing top search engine placement.
  • Pre-market sales campaign to ‘brand’ your home, guaranteeing its top placement.
  • Open house every week for the first 6 weeks.
  • Extensive video marketing exposure using YouTube, Daily Motion, Meta Cafe, Vimeo and Veoh platforms.
  • Virtual tour
  • Text information rider on for sale sign allowing instant home information.
  • Multiple internet blogs featuring your home.
  • Extensive network of 92 agents and their buyers within Sky Realty.

Mobile Marketing

sky-mobile-180x324-fixI will have a dedicated mobile number for your listing posted on the ‘for sale’ sign or flyer box that allows buyers to text for information and a video tour featuring your home.  When a potential buyers views this mobile information I am immediately notified via email, allowing me to follow up and assist this potential buyer.  Please click on the phone to see video tour.


Property Specific Web Page

westrock screen shot (2)For higher priced, upscale listings that have a smaller buyers market, I like to create an address specific web page for the property.  This webpage features information regarding the home, a photo slide show, a photo gallery, video tours, neighborhood and school information, nearby entertainment, and house related documents.   Please click on the webpage photo for an example.

Video Marketing

Buyers searching the internet love looking at photos and watching videos!  Video marketing is used to showcase your home with picture slideshows and short walk through videos allowing the buyer to get a good view of your home making them want to see it in person.  Please click on each icon to get an idea of how I use this platform.




Social Media

Social media site such as Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular internet platforms allowing users to reach a wide audience by making announcements, which in your case  would be your home being put for sale on the market.  Please click on the two buttons below to see how Sky Realty showcases your home to all viewers.




Realtor Websites and Blogs

Your home will be featured and searchable on the largest local and national real estate search sites, Austin Home Search and Realtor.  Internet blogs, such as Active Rain and Trulia, are a great way to promote properties to real estate professionals as well as the real estate buyer searching around on the internet.  Please click on the logos below to see examples.


Nationwide Internet Syndication

The Austin Board of Realtors has decided not to allow syndication of any MLS properties to popular internet sites such as Zillow and Trulia, and my company Sky Realty was a leader in this non syndication movement.   Zillow and Trulia provide extremely inaccurate data, valuing your home at an average of 20% below its actual market value.   They base their value estimates on property tax records, which with Texas being a non-disclosure state, property tax valuations are not based on actual property sales data.  So when internet viewers see this inaccurate pricing information they automatically think you have overpriced your home.  Likewise your home sales data is sold to third parties with your home being advertised by people who do not know anything about it.  Would you rather have interested parties calling your listing agent, who knows all about your home and neighborhood, or some random person who has paid a monthly fee to have their name up at the top of the page?



Establishing A Sales Price For Your Home

I prepare a Current Market Analysis establishing an estimated selling price range for your house based on past sold housing data.   I create this from sales data taken on houses similar to yours which were sold in your neighborhood from the last year (and if possible, a closer time frame like 6-8 months if enough information is available).  I like using 8 comparable properties, which I try to keep them within a 20% plus/minus threshold of the square footage of your house.

What is done in a CMA are particular values are added or subtracted from the sold houses, to make them equal and comparable to the features of your house.  These values include square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, and a time/appreciation calculation.  This brings the selected properties in line with yours and establishes a selling price range.  Unlike other agents who will perhaps use just 3 properties (an active, pending and sold) to estimate a general sales price, I use 8 properties and give you more of a sales price range, an average high and low, which we can then determine which houses within the CMA are similar to your house to come to a sales price.

If you are considering selling your home please contact me as I will prepare a listing presentation containing a Current Market Analysis establishing a sales price range for your home and outline my successful marketing strategy that will get your home sold.